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Who Wants To Be A Children's Entertainer.

Who Wants To Be A Children’s Entertainer ?



The sad fact is that just about everyone and their auntie

 is out there trying to be a children’s entertainer. You only

have to look in your local directory to see pages and

pages of people professing to be a children’s entertainer.

Many of these people have full time jobs and suddenly

become “Uncle Bob “ at the weekends with a few paultry

magic tricks and tiny hi-fi system bought from the local

 high street shop, blaring out music whilst the kids run

 riot and mum wonders why she bothered hiring a

 children’s entertainer in the first place.

The cold hard facts are;you get what you pay for.

These part time children’s entertainers offer their

 services for next to nothing and do not really care what

damage they are doing to our industry and that's

if they even bother to turn up.

 They have their full time employment in the week.

If the unfortunate mother who booked them,

 thinking she was getting a professional children’s

entertainer at a bargain price, never books another

 children’s entertainer again, what harm will it do them ?


So how do you tell the professional entertainer from

 the beginner or part time ones ?

The easiest way is to book from recommendation.

If a friend has seen a good children’s entertainer

 who kept the children happy then get his number.

If this is not possible and you are booking for the first

time then you need to be asking the right questions.

Are they contactable during the week ?

Do they only offer weekends or can you have a weekday party?

A true professional children’s entertainer will answer any

questions and never try to push you into saying yes to his show.

He will tell you exactly what his show is about and what

he will do to keep your children entertained.

A good children’s entertainer should be able to interact

 with the children for the full length of the disco.

He should be out doing little dances and playing

well organised games to keep them occupied

and stop them getting bored. He shouldn’t just stand

playing the music and expect the children to entertain themselves.

A good children’s entertainer will keep his games simple so that

children of all ages can understand them, join in and have fun.

A good children’s entertainer will try to avoid elimination games

which encourage the children to start messing around.

After all why pay a children’s entertainer to play Pass the Parcel,

Musical Bumps or Musical Statues. These are outdated games

that you could have organised yourself and saved a fortune.

And finally.

A good children’s entertainer will leave your party with the children wanting more.

Don’t be fooled by low prices.

Don’t be fooled by someone who thinks they are a children’s entertainer.

This is not one of those professions you can learn overnight.

Many of the professional children’s entertainers have been performing

since they themselves were children.

Good luck making the right choice, it’s a minefield out there !!

I just hope I have helped you in some small way.

Have a fantastic fun day on your child's birthday.

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