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Booking A Children's Entertainer

Booking A Children’s Entertainer

It’s a minefield out there to find the right Children’s Entertainer.

Here’s a few helpful hints to hopefully point you in the right direction.

               Beware of Children’s Entertainers who wish to charge a high deposit.

             This has been highlighted recently on Watchdog as unfortunately there is the rogue factor who will take your money and then not turn up. Most Children’s Entertainers will charge a small deposit ( probably around the price of £25).In most cases this is to protect them from last minute cancellations from clients.

       Try and book an entertainer who you can contact any time of day.

These tend to be the full time Professional Entertainers who in general will offer a much better performance than the Part Time Entertainers who are mainly feeding a Hobby. Although to be fair sometimes you can get lucky with this type of entertainer.

        Please Please Please Do Not be swayed by low prices.

We cannot stress this one enough !!!
So many people phone around and go for the lowest price.

Unfortunately there is a rogue element who will quote a low price to guarantee themselves some work but then take a higher priced job nearer the time and then telephone you ( if you’re lucky) to cancel due to sickness, family problems or double bookings.
Unfortunately 9/10 this is the part time entertainer who does not care about the damage they can do to our industry.

Remember a Professional Children’s Entertainer has got his reputation to think about and will go out of his/her way to not let you down.

Remember just like everything else in life…

You get what you pay for.

        Do shop around.
 Many people may have seen your local entertainer.

          Many Professional Entertainers cover very wide areas and are sometimes as competitive as the local entertainer.

     Check what they offer.

     Some only offer a limited choice whereas others may offer a wide range of different entertainment and you may come across a new idea for your party.

This is always the best way to find the Children’s Entertainer for your party. If your son or daughter is going to a friends party and they have an entertainer then stick around and watch or see what the parents thought of him.

   If you contact a Children’s Entertainer please inform him where you heard of him.

Also right down all their details in case you forget who you have booked as it can be a bit embarrassing ringing all the entertainers again.

Check with them how much time it takes to set up and pack away at the end and allow this when booking your hall.

       Book the hall first or the Children's Entertainer ????

We recommend you check availability of the Children's Entertainer first.
 Check to see if they have any preferential times then book the hall.

If you book the hall first then the entertainer you have decided on may not be able to accommodate you and you are back to square 1.

You hear many stories about Entertainers letting people down.
This is rarer than most people think and is very rarely a Professional Entertainer.
Unfortunately it does happen the other way around too.
We get people who have forgotten they have booked and then book a second Entertainer.
We get people who book then cancel last minute not thinking about how much other work the Entertainer has turned away. 

Remember courteosness goes both ways......

Well I hope I’ve helped in a little way and it’s not as scary as it seems. Just please do be careful about the choices you make.

Like I said at the beginning it’s a minefield out there.


There are also a lot of good honest Children’s Entertainers too.

The Uk Entertainers.